All About Industrial Laundry Operations

Industrial laundry services are employed by large institutions such as hospitals, hotels, and prisons. With the constant need to clean fabrics and garments, no wonder-dependent industrial hot water systems which use direct contact water heater. Discussed below are six stages involved in industrial laundry operations.

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Dirty Retrieval

This step involves collecting dirty items to be washed, put them in the collection such as laundry chute. After collection, these items will be placed on a cart and transported to laundry facilities. Laundry personnel are usually required to practice safety precautions and use protective equipment; this is due to possible contamination in dirty items, especially in hospitals.

Sorting ground

After taking the dirty stuff, they will then be dismantled and sorted by type of item. Not only will this sort make it easier to identify the item and re-distribute them after the laundry process, but it also makes it easier for personnel laundry to do laundry procedures required.

 For example, hospital linen washing requires intensive than hotel curtains or tablecloths. Remove blood or dirt stains may need a powerful formula and require the use of industrial hot water systems.


This is an important step in industrial laundry operations. The items are sorted then weighed and washed by washing machine load limits. Washing machines are used in this step, together with a special detergent to completely clean the soiled items. The use of hot water makes it far easier to clean items that are soiled intense, especially with the help of a boiler utilizing the system to bring back the heat.

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