Get Ready To Know About- Textured Ceiling Designs

Nowadays textured ceiling designs are becoming more popular as they add up more beauty to home décor.  By adding different color, texture, and style to your ceiling you can change how your entire room looks like.

You can add depth and light to a different room by remodeling the ceiling. Remodeling the ceilings Sydney can change the appearance of the room.

If you check online you will find a different type of ceiling. Variety of patterns and textures are available in ceiling such as brush textured ceilings, metal ceiling tiles etc. By the use of some paint and a texturing comb imaginative texture can be added to the plain and simple ceiling. It is quite an affordable way to add a personal touch to your home.


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In texturing comb method, the use of texture powder and water is done. Even if you don’t use texture comb in the process you can add more unique and creative texture with the help of different objects like hands, sponges or cloths. All such method will provide you a different texture.

In case you are looking for more dramatic and on a larger scale ceiling design then a coffered ceiling can be a good option. A coffered ceiling can add more depth and texture to a plain ceiling. By adding the patterns of sunken panels you can add quality to the surface of the ceiling. Otherwise ceiling coffered is the most beautiful way of renovating a room. There are many such modern ceiling design   that you can select.  

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If you want to texture the ceiling of your home yourself then you should have enough information before you start. It is always recommended to consult a professional before doing any DIY work. They have good knowledge related to health and safety standards that should be taken care of while doing the work.