How Lay Lawn Turf?  

A lawn enhances the beauty of residence, a public place, or any commercial location. The grass you can use as turf for the lawn can differ. People usually have different landscaping need. Make sure that you investigate the turf before spending money on the purchase. You can contact turf supplies Sydney in order to get the best turf.

Mostly turf is laid in order to repair damaged patches of the landscapes. You can easily buy a turf from turf supplying company. The best thing to be noted is the lawn turf supplied is of excellent quality. You can improve your lawn with Turf and at the same time save money.


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The layer of the earth with dense grass growth and matted roots is known as Turf. It usually doesn’t come in sections. Turf is just the layer of the surface. You can even repair the lawn with turf yourself. Make the use of the sharp half-moon edging tool in order to cut damaged area of lawn. It is important to lose the soil underneath. Ensure that you use sanding lawn dressing to dust the turf. You can even place the pieces of turf in the gaps left.

The edges of the turf are required to be pressed. It can be done with feet also. After doing this water it and leave it as such for a few days. Nobody should walk over it. After a particular time, it will start rooting. You can even use for Sir Walter Turf  if you want.


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In case you are adding new landscape make use of seed as it will cost you less. The only problem with it is seeds require more time to grow and require maintenance. Given below are few guidelines related to turf.

  • It is important to lay turf in moderate temperature. The best time for this is early spring or autumn.
  • Before you order turf make sure that soil is prepared.
  • Outline the area where you are going to roll the turf. Make the use of garden string and spikes for outlining
  • Cut turf strips in order to fill the empty spots