Pool Sunroom-For Your Swimming Pool

If you enjoy swimming then having a pool built in your home can be a great option.  In case you are worried about its cleaning and maintenance then just chill as it’s no longer difficult these days. With help of pool enclosure, you can keep your pool enclosed and protected from falling leaves. The risk of your child or pet falling down into the pool also reduces to a great extent.

Nowadays custom pool sunroom has also been provided by manufacturers for residential and commercial applications. Such enclosures work in two ways mean that it keeps your pool cool during summer and in same way warm during the winter season.  


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Though there are various designs available in pool sunroom retractable roof pool is considered as the most preferred one. The main benefit associated with retractable roof pool is that you can close the trackless retractable roof in order to enjoy swimming under complete protection and comfort.

The enclosures are made in such a way that it has a glass side and front walls with roof setup. The swimming pool is further insulated through roof panel that has about 3 inches thickness.

The top of the enclosure has a polycarbonate double wall retractable roof that is split into two half from the topside retracting over the lower. Some pool sunroom has a 3-inch thick aluminum insulated roof.

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In some enclosures, 4 feet wide roof panel foam insulation is done on either side of the aluminum wall. You can provide with several options for the side and front glass walls of the sunroom like glass sliding doors, glass window with screens and aluminum glass doors. Browse here for more information regarding the pool enclosure.

The company that you contact for pool enclosure installation asks you to send a pic of your swimming pool deck area in order to find the most appropriate pool enclosure.