Rules One Must Always Follow While Staying in a Hostel


It is a lot of fun when it comes to staying in hostels. Meeting new people, doing activities with them such as hiking are some of the things you can do. However, modern hostels require every traveler to follow a few rules. These are rules not to get you in trouble but to alert about the things you can do and cannot do. Let’s focus on a few of them.

  • No Lights After 10PM – Majority of the hotels have this rule and that is ‘No Lights after 10PM’. If you happen to go to the bathroom or wish to find an item, make sure you use the flashlight off of your phone. This will ensure you do not disturb others sleep.
  • Silence is a Virtue – You can talk and mingle with other travelers during the day. However, after-dark you are supposed to maintain silence. You can still have a chit-chat with others at the common room.
  • No Intimacy in the Rooms – You may be attracted to someone or someone may be attracted to you where intimacy is bound to happen. Make sure you are not having one inside the rooms. And if you still cannot resist the urge, then go to the balcony of the hostel or go inside the toilet. Just make sure to keep the noise as low as possible.
  • Clean Toilet – You may end up sharing the bathroom with other travelers. Make sure you keep them clean after your use and also tell others the same.

These are some of the rules to follow while staying in Thailand hostels.

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