What Sort Of Things Can Be Done With Small Sized Glass Jars?

Tones of things can be done with empty glass jars; we all have them at home.

What we do usually, we throw them all, BUT!! Wait don’t throw out those jars. They are not waste, you have paid for them, utilize them well.

This article is being written after getting inspired from the work done by Decorativedécor store. Visit here and fetch more ideas to use waste items at home. Other than this there is so much to explore.

Well, for now read on for some of the very interesting ideas for creative reuse of glass jars, mentioned below:

Etched Drinking Glasses

You don’t need to know how to etch for this project; you just have to brush some etching solvent. Especially nice is how these are washable.

Cranberry Glass

You can make your own cranberry glass, jars, just pick Small glass jars, for sure they will look the most tasteful looking jars and can be used for gifting purpose on different occasions.

Vintage String Holders

This really is the ideal way to keep string balls from getting all knotted up. And they’re so cute! It seems like they’re sucking up a lengthy string of spaghetti. A great project for children, too.

Tissue Decoupage Bottles

Do you need to bring a little bit of color without a great deal of expense? These tissue paper decoupage bottles may include the colors that you need in your decor with hardly any time.

Sea Glass Votive

Two or three sea glass votive in different shapes and sizes will look gorgeous. If you don’t have sea glass, consider using shells.

Turkey Jar

Not only is this tiny turkey a great decoration, but it may also hold candies or nuts as a party favor.

Wind Chimes

Any beads may be used here, together with old necklaces or pieces of met

Cluster Lights

This could be a beautiful addition to a porch or patio. I could also imagine by including greenery and a ribbon, it used as a Christmas decoration.

Sky’s the limit, fetch more ideas and suggestions by simply exploring this useful reference.

I am sure you will be delighted and will feel really happy even if you used few of these ideas at home.