Everything You Need to Know About Pearl Bracelets

Pearl is a natural gem created by a living creature. Each began its existence as part of the dust or sand that makes its way to the shells of mollusks, such as mussels or oysters. Due to the presence of foreign particles, a defense mechanism kicks creatures – mussels coat the intruder with a nacre […]

Shopping For Pearl Jewelry

Modern-day pearl jewelry offers many options to women when accessorizing clothes to give the exact look and feel. Pearls are no longer worn only on special occasions, but every day to accentuate the classy, elegant, professional, and fun woman. More choice of color, size, and shape of the pearl is usually a good thing. However, […]

Bright Side of Black Tahitian Pearls

Tahiti black pearls are considered the most beautiful pearls in the world. They are very rare because only a small number of black-lipped oysters survive to produce organic gems and on top of that, these oysters are mercilessly sourced from the point of extinction due to their sparkling nacre. This unfortunate combination makes Tahiti black […]