Things To Consider Before Buying Waterproof Tents

Camping is all about adventure. It helps you to be more socialized and improve your mood. It is a time when you spend quality time with your family and friends. It helps to extend your lifespan and happy relationship with your loved ones.

Waterproofing tents

For camping, we take different gears with us so that our experience will be amazing and we spend a good time with our family. But what if our tent itself isn’t waterproof? Nothing worse than this scenario that we woke up in a puddle of water in the tents. This why waterproof US Military Tents are best for camping.

In this article, we will discuss the things to consider before buying Waterproof tents in great detail.

  • Amount of Waterproof

There are varying degrees of waterproof and different fabrics have different ratings. Higher the rating more the tent is waterproof. While buying the tents it is necessary to make sure no rain will get through the tents and hence you require higher waterproof rating tents.


  • Durability

Higher the waterproof rating doesn’t mean military tents are durable. Certain types of waterproofing tents have PVC i.e. strong in addition to being waterproof.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation in the tents helps to reduce the humidity and stiffness. Having a good amount of ventilation is good for campers.

  • Construction of the tents

Construction of the tents is also important. Poles should be flexible and sturdy. You will most likely to choose from Aluminium and fibreglass – both are good options.

Material Used

  • The material used in a tent

Tents made up of mesh material are a good one as it lets the air flow through the tent without having a door or flap open. It provides protection from mosquito and other insects. Mesh part of the tent should be located at top of your tent so that you are protected from the wind.

Tents are build to provide safety and shelter and keep us dry from the rain. If you are buying tents for the first time, look for the features like a heat-sealed seam, mildew resistance fabrics and flexible and strong poles. If you are shopping online be sure to select a one with lots of positive reviews so that you don’t get fooled. Click here to get tent camping tips so that you get an insight into what backpacking tents you should buy before headed for camping.